GEORGE FOREMAN GRP4 BBQ GRILL, with Removeable Grill Plates
GEORGE FOREMAN GRP4 BBQ GRILL, with Removeable Grill Plates


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LARGE GEORGE FOREMAN GRILLS, GRP4 LARGE SIZE INDOOR ELECTRIC GRILL with removable grill plates - Another NEW George Foreman Grill ITEM for 2005
New contemporary design with silver metallic finish, and a large 72 square inch cooking surface.

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-Large Size Cooking Surface
-Removable grill plates with NON STICK coating
-Removable grill plates are utensil safe, and dishwasher safe
-Patented design grill, for healthy cooking.
-Double non-stick coated removable grilling plates
-Removable grill trays are dishwasher safe
-Indicator light
-Rember that this grill has the Removable Grates
- 2 drip trays to catch the fat
- Also INCLUDES a specially designed plastic spatula.

This is the newest innovation from the makers of the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing grilling machines. It delivers the same great tasting, healthier food, grilled in minutes but now the grilling plates are removable and dishwasher safe. The GRP4 Next Grilleration contact grill has a new contemporary deign and of course the grill has all of the traditional features of the original George Foreman grill. The patented slope and grill design keeps food above and away from grease, fat, and other excess liquids and the non stick coating means no need for butter or oils. And of course the grill cooks from both sides at the same time with quick heatup that delivers GREAT TASTING, healthier food, grilled in minutes.
The George Foreman product family of fat reducing grills, represents a major part of the indoor grill and outdoor barbecue market. The complete line of NEW George Foreman Grills come in portable electric and portable propane styles. You can use Georges bar-b-que grills to cook thick juicy steaks to perfection, bbq burgers, cook chops, grill hot dogs, bbq spare ribs, and grill vegetables. Many families are health conscious, and they want to live longer healthier lives. Therefore millions of them purchase a George Forman barbeque to do the majority of their grilling. The days of messy charcoal grills are almost over, thanks to these inexpensive and easy to use tools. The George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Machines and Recipe cookbooks are GREAT to work with, while you are on a LOW CARB Atkins type diet. These can help you even if you simply want to count calories to lose some excess weight.

Mr George Foreman has been a great heavyweight boxing champion on several occasions throughout his long boxing career. According to published reports, George Forman is now considering coming out of retirement to box again. Big George has apparently began his workout schedule, and has lost weight by training and exercising. The barbecue products that George Foreman endorses, like his famous George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Barbeque Grilling Machines and other Foreman grills and recipe cookbooks, are champions in their own right. These electric and propane grilling tools, are also favorites at tailgate parties everywhere. Most George Foreman Grills, are excellent to take to the beach, camping, fishing, and hunting. Now you can buy direct, so do not miss out on our online wholesale prices. Whether you are on an Adkins Atkins type low carb diet to lose some excess weight, an original George Foreman grill or even a Next Generation George Foreman Grill can help you and your family live longer healthier lives, by cutting out alot of the fat content presently contained in your foods. We maintain active inventory of the Next Generation George Foreman Grill, and are ready to ship them righ to your door. Get your new Next Grilleration Grill and start cutting back the fat content in your grilled foods. George Foreman's Next Grilleration Foreman grill also uses George's famous fat reducing grill plates to channel away the fat. Here at AAWSales, every one of our items are always discounted and on sale. To further show our appreciation, we also have VALUABLE FREE THANK YOU GIFT PACKAGE offers for our customers! To learn more about our George Foreman grills, please visit our more information section. Hassle free buying is what we are all about at AAWSALES. Also feel free to checkout out informational pages.

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