Cooking Seafood


A seafood lovers favorite! For something deliciously different, try grilling a tasty Salmon Steak, on your George Foreman Grilling Machine. Thick cross section slices of fresh, superior salmon have a full, rich flavor. Salmon steaks are ideal for grilling, roasting, or smoking on your George Foreman Grilling Machine.

Many people refer to the yellow fin tuna as Ahi, meaning fire. Grilling an Ahi steak on one of the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machines will take this fantastic food to new heights, as it takes to the George Foreman grill like a fish to water. George has landed the finest technology, and put it all into these grilling machines. Whether you are cooking “steaks from the sea” from the yellow fin tuna, hand cut into perfect portions, or “steaks from land”, your George Foreman grills are a can’t miss small kitchen indoor outdoor appliance. Firm texture and mild flavor make Ahi tuna steak the right choice for adapting to grilling and searing cooking methods.

George Foreman grills can be used to create and cook the tastiest and healthiest of fish dishes. To throw a little twist into the recipe, try cooking fresh vegetables along side you selection of fish on your George Foreman Barbecue Grilling Machine! You can astound your family and friends with the variety of healthy recipes that you can utilize with your new George Foreman grill. Whether it is a GV12, GV5, GGR50B, Double Double Champion GGR88DK, GR18, GR10, GR26CB, Super Family Sized Extra Large GR36CB, GR38SIL, GR38WHT, The Baby George Rotisserie GR59A, GP300 Wheel It And Grill It, Wheel It And Grill It GP100SIL, GR18SBTMR, or a GR26SBTMR you can make great tasting, delicious, and super healthy reduced fat meals.

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