Tips for Making Better Tasting Fresh Brewed Coffee

Tips for Making Better Tasting Fresh Brewed Coffee:

You know how good coffee smells when you first catch a whiff of it? Don't you just wish that you could brew fresh coffee so it actually tastes just as fresh as it smells? Well, now you can. Just follow the fresh coffee brewing tips below, and you will begin to enjoy your coffee more than ever.

Begin with fresh cold water: The better the water tastes, the better your coffee will taste. If you use hot water or let water sit overnight, it will build up up calcium deposits and other slime and taste bitter.

Grind your coffee fresh, preferably from whole beans: Grind beans with a Mr Coffee coffee grinder or a coffee mill for at least 12-15 seconds, and if you want more of a fresh ground coffee flavor, simply grind the coffee beans a little longer. This cuts the beans into smaller pieces, making a finer grind thus leaving fresher cut surface area, resulting in fresher tasting coffee. The Melitta Mill N Brew coffeemakers offer this handy feature.

Store your coffee beans or grounds double bagged in the freezer: Pre ground coffee naturally loses its freshness and becomes stale in just a few days, even if it is kept stored in your freezer. If you must use pre ground coffee in your coffee maker or Farberware coffee urn, it is always best to grind it fresh again just before you brew it. This will re cut the coffee bean chips and make more freshly cut surface area on the beans. Use 1 scoop of fresh coffee grounds per cup of coffee. If you brew your coffee too weak, you can taste the bitterness of the filter and your water. If it tastes too strong for you, you can always add cream or sugar to dilute it down.

Wet the coffee filter FIRST: Wet the coffee filter after you put it into your coffee maker, but BEFORE placing coffee grinds into it. Because the filter will now absorb just the water, and NOT your fresh brewed coffee. This method works great with Mr Coffee and Melitta coffee makers. /P>

Remove the coffee grounds as soon as the coffee is finished brewing: Leaving the grounds over the coffee for any period of time, allows the bitter oils in the coffee beans to drip down into the freshly brewed coffee.

Remove the coffee pot from the coffee maker burner immediately: After you have poured the first cup of coffee, REMOVE the coffee from the burner as soon as possible. Do NOT leave the remaining pot of coffee sitting directly on the coffeemaker burner. This will cause the coffee to burn on the bottom of the pot, causing it to actually taste and smell burnt.

A Clean coffee maker or clean coffee urn means much better tasting coffee: It is always a good idea to give your coffee maker a good washing, two or three times a month (for those who brew coffee daily). To eliminate minerals and scale build up, run a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water through your coffeemaker with an empty filter in place, just as you would brew a full pot of coffee. Rinse all of the coffee maker parts, and then run cold water through the coffeemaker to remove all traces. Place coffee pots in the dishwasher or hand wash with soap and water to remove old coffee residue

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