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You will not belive how GREAT this polish works.
Metal Polish
The Magic Is In The Cloth
Part No. 11011, 3.3 oz, 12 Per Case
Brightens and protects ALL metals: aluminum, chrome*, stainless, brass, copper, nickel, etc.
Fast cutting, highest gloss possible
Removes tarnish, corrosion, oxidation, brake dust and tar
Safe for coated wheels, motorcycles and household applications
*For Show Chrome, we recommend Mist N Shine part number 1214
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For metal care, WIZARDS offers two different types of metal polishes, a metal sealer and metal buff kit.

Ill explain the most popular first. And that is the cotton cloth METAL POLISH. It comes in a treated cotton coil about four feet long. It is sold by weight at 3.3 oz. In comparison, other cotton polishes have 3 oz, or less per package. The special metal polish is impregnated into a surgical grade cloth, rolled into a coil, and heat-sealed into a special bag. We package it in a sturdy metal tin for easy storage.

To open the package you always want to cut it open at the top. That way you can roll the bag up and return it to metal tin. That way it will not dry out.

What do you mean dry out? Is it going to dry out once its open?

Not if you keep it in its original package. In cases where the bag is left open for several days or left in the sun with the bag open, it will start to dry out. Once it is dry, it is not going to work very well.

If it dries out you can bring it back to life by adding just a few drops of mineral spirits. It will still work better than most polishes, however it is not as good as it could be. Most people will dump way too much mineral spirits into the bag and it will be way too diluted to work properly.

The best thing is to follow directions and do not leave it out of the bag. I have had an opened package in the warehouse for about five or six years. I use it occasionally and keep it as a test. I have always just folded the bag and put it back in the tin, and it works like new.

So, youve got the package open, what is the best way to use the polish?

Simply tear off a piece about two inches, rub it into the metal you want to polish, take a cloth and wipe off the majority of the residue. Then turn the cloth or use a clean cloth, and buff it to a gloss.

Wow, it takes the paint right off the soda can, would that damage the paint on my car?

Not at all; first of all the color on a soda can isnt paint, it is an ink process that is not nearly as thick as paint on a car. And even if you polished really hard on your paint, all it would do is act like a mild rubbing compound. It certainly would not take the paint off unless it was dangerously thin in the first place, which is not very likely.

The WIZARDS METAL POLISH will give you the fastest cut and brightest shine possible. There are a lot of different types of polishes out there, some cut fast but do not shine. Others will shine great but you have to use something to make it cut first.

Is it just for aluminum, or will it work to polish other metals as well?

The METAL POLISH is excellent on aluminum, chrome, stainless, brass, copper, nickel, pewter, silver, gold; basically on any type of metal that can be polished you can use WIZARDS.

If you can not shine it with WIZARDS METAL POLISH, either it can not be polished, or you are not doing it right.

Just what do you mean, not doing it right? How can you do it wrong?

It is a polish, so you have to rub it in if you want the best results. If you do not apply yourself in the process then you will not get the results. Also, many times people will not get the best shine because they do not buff it enough with the dry cloth. You really have to get the “wet” residue off and buff it with a clean, dry cloth. It takes a little "elbow grease", but it is WELL WORTH IT.

Like with all the products, you just have to follow the directions. And if you do so, then you will get the best possible results.

Now, you said that you can polish any kind of metal, is there anything that you should not try and polish with the WIZARDS cloth?

Before any application it is a good idea to think about what you want to do. For example: if you have a brand new piece of chrome, chances are the chrome does not need any polishing. If the chrome has some fading or oxidation from storage, then metal polish makes sense. If the piece is like new then you can use the MIST N SHINE.

Some items should never be polished with our metal polish, or any type of polish for that matter. They would include: costume jewelry, (the cheap stuff) thinly plated silver or gold, like some household trinkets, and expensive show chrome. Another item to avoid would be gold plated wheels. There again, whenever in doubt, test it first in a small area.

What if I am polishing a larger area, it looks like the cotton polish would be best for smaller areas?


The cotton polish can be used for any size area; however some people prefer to use the METAL RENEW for bigger projects. Others just like to use a liquid polish with their own cloth.

So is the METAL RENEW the same thing only in a liquid?

It does have the same abrasive mix, and for the most part; it offers the same polishing results. The METAL RENEW does have a thicker consistency and is not runny like most other liquid metal polishes. Although it should be shaken before use, it does not separate in 20 seconds and have to be shaken constantly. With other liquids, if you knock the bottle over, it will run out like water and be wasted.

It is an easy to use liquid polish that will restore, shine and protect all types of metal surfaces.

Anything you can do with the cotton polish, you can do with the METAL RENEW. The main difference is that you use your own cloth and it does come off a little easier to bring up the shine.

WIZARDS Products Technical Assistance: 800-356-7223
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